After Salvador DALI [Spanish] (1904-1989)...

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After Salvador DALI [Spanish] (1904-1989)...

After Salvador DALI [Spanish] (1904-1989)


Provenance: Private collection

Working proofs for the production of the lithographic edition from
from the painting by Salvador Dalí "Santiago de Compostela"
(1957), edited by Joseph Foret in 1958, 76 x 55 cm in 207 copies.
It should be noted that the lithograph is very rare on the market.
Prints reproduced in: Field, Albert, The Official Catalog of the
Graphic Works of Salvador Dalí, The Salvador Dalí Archives, New York
1996 (English), p.147, nr.cl58-01; Löpsinger, Lutz W., Michler, Ralf,
Dalí: Catalogue Raisonne of Prints II, Lithographs, Prestel Verlag,
Munich and New York, 1995 (English), nr.1017.

"On May 3, 1958, Foret took the lithographer Vuillermoz and the chromist Poisson to the World Fair in Brussels where they spent 4 hours at the Spanish pavilion in front of the Santiago de Compostela painting on display there to transfer the colours from the original."
Memoirs of the publisher Joseph FORET

- An annotated colour study by the chromist, gouache on Rives paper, 76 x 56 cm, the image is reversed in relation to the painting,
transcription of the notes in the left margin of the chromist: "perimeter /
[illegible] / [illegible] / grey good / to be drawn sustained / pink is good
/ flesh to be drawn / less pink / yellow is good / the".

- An annotated colour study by the chromist, gouache on Rives paper, 76 x 56 cm, transcription of the notes in the margins of the chromist: above
in the centre "good for pink / + blue", in the left margin from top to bottom
"vermilion / clear / [beams?more white / the lights in / the head
of the horse / cobalt / light in yellow / both parts / [illegible]
all / more grey / the strong parts / the sky around / stop of
[illegible] / olive grey [illegible] / white clouds / in th
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